Christian Lohman

   Has always seen the world through the eyes of an artist; his intrinsic artistic vision and perceptions were channeled into a career in photography and at a young age he quickly became one of Holland’s most prominent and influential photographers, shooting major fashion, product and most commonly, dramatic car advertising campaigns. This career was inevitably accompanied by a glamorous, hedonistic lifestyle with worldwide travel, yet throughout this time and possibly providing a necessary balance, Christian developed a deep, enduring fascination and respect for a completely different culture; Buddhism; it’s teachings, wisdom, symbolism and beauty.
   He countered the crazy world of advertising photography with regular trips to Asia, exploring remote corners of Thailand, Sri Lanka and Laos on motorbike; visiting and photographing the temples and iconography of the Buddhist culture. On these trips he met and shared ideas with many other travelers as well as local people, enjoying their gentle curiosity, openness and friendship, while being humbled by their hospitality and friendship.
   Now living in Southern Spain, surrounded by stunning and inspiring Andalucian countryside, Christian has been developing a new outlet for his artistic expression which encompasses both his photographic expertise and his passion and respect for Buddhist culture.
   Buddhism is a way of living and is founded on wisdom. It encourages free thinking and to question rather than to blindly accept common thought. The purpose of life is to develop empathy for all living beings without prejudice and to work for their good, happiness, and peace.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world”